Monday, May 7, 2012

OC Marathon - May 6, 2012

OC MARATHON - May 6, 2012
Costa Mesa California
Waiting for the start with Marina and Celebrity Maniac #22
I had a nice time at the OC Marathon.  Great running weather and the course was pretty too!  I am sporting the cutest and most comfortable running dress.  It's by running skirts Also I love my SKECHERS GoRuns!  Who says you can't look like a "Fashionista" or "Diva" while running a marathon.  I finished 6:09:32

Partying with my SKECHERS GoRuns boys!!!
Can you believe I'm going to be 54!!!   Happy Birthday to me...Yippee...

Love the blue hair...
I do feel seriously I do...
Marathon friends Charlie and Celebrity Maniac #22

Huntington Beach California

Rocking the Beach marathon was run on my favorite bike trail in Huntington Beach.  There is always sporting events going on and this weekend there was a surfing competition.  I finished 6:44:36
Traviss Wilcox Rocking the Beach!
California Surfing...
Congrats Adam...3:48:03
Celebrate all you are
and how much you are loved.
Honor the person you are
and all you're becoming.
Be reminded of how many people
look up to you and admire
all the goodness in your heart.
Reach out and feel the happiness
others wish for you.
Do the things
that bring sunlight to your heart
and ad a touch of magic to your dreams.
-Linda E. Knight-
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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And you really look great! WOW! I wish I looked that good when I turned 54 about nine years ago. The dress is rocking and the shoes are popping. You can't help but dance your way into your 54th birthday with grace, pride and joy Yolanda. Great job on your book. Happy I ordered two copies. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to write a book, post a blog and keep up with a website while doing marathons every weekend just to help those of us in need of your inspiration to keep going! To keep walking, running and to reach our goals. Yes, I tryed to climb the mountain yesterday with my hubby and grandson in 90 degree weather, but DNF. Although, thanks to you and my two year old grandson (he keeps singing,"Keep trying, don't give up"), who knows what tomorrow may bring? You are awesome and I am so proud of you. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest! Love and Hugs, Felma