Monday, June 21, 2010

Angel Island Trail Run 50K - #51

Angel Island Trail 50K was my first marathon of my second half. It was a beautiful morning and you could see all of the San Francisco Bay. I love San Francisco!!! This trail is an easy trail for first timers. Angel Island is a hilly, grass and forest covered island that has spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay. This is Rosie from Hawaii and she knows a few of the Honolulu Maniacs. This is her 7th marathon. We both were in aha...What a beautiful day to be in the Bay.

The 25K had 3 loops around the island with the third loop taking you to the summit. The 50K you did twice. Each loop you had to walk up the stairs. My last loop I hated those stairs. 143 steps, 6 times!!! I was fatigue; I only had an hour of sleep. I missed
my last year's time by 8 minutes. I finished 7:32:00. Niece Jessica said I'm a "strong diva!" Thanks Jessica I needed to hear that.

Each of us is born on a line; from the moment of conception to the moment of our death, we are all on a lifeline. The passage from one point to the next is filled with experiences and interactions, and each of us will express our true spirits as these moments present themselves. The journey is one of progression; it is a contemplation of the future. We are all searching for something, traveling towards our dreams. What exists now is really all that ever exists; we cannot feel the past of a thousand years nor can we touch the lifeline of tomorrow. We dance to the music of here and now; we sing the songs of today. We have an understanding about who we are and what destiny is ours to fulfill. Let the winds of change blow all around you and follow your lifeline wherever it may lead, knowing that others are pursuing their fate on different pathways leading them in different directions. Each and every one of us will find a true sense of purpose if we travel our own roads on our own lifeline.

-Deanna Beisser-

Keep Believing in your Dreams,
Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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  1. Yolanda!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you SO much for trying to pull me along with you on part of that fifth lap and wanting me to keep up with you on the last lap! You are such a strong runner out there! So admirable. As you can see, I made it (baaareeeeelllyyyy). I do want to figure out when the next time I'm going to see you will be. I owe you a bottle of S!Caps or whatever it is you use. Thank you for being you.