Monday, June 28, 2010

Five Cities Coastal Marathon - #53

LIVING LIFE.... The Five Cities Coastal Marathon ran thru five cities: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, & Cardiff. We started in Oceanside at Cafe 101 restaurant. Cafe 101 is located on the historic Coast Highway 101 in Oceanside California. The race started at 4am and as the sun started to rise, I was amazed to see all the surfers, bikers, runners, and walkers living life. The course was scenic and the weather was perfect. I finished


California dreaming!!! I do marathons for the medals first and then my health. Nice medal!!!

MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY DAY, AND CELEBRATE ALL THAT YOU ARE: Live by your own light - Shine by your own star - Do what you always wanted to do with your life - Envision the gift that you are - Climb up the hills of your hopes and dreams - Take whatever steps you need to take - You can't get to the top if you don't try, and it's a journey you should definitely make - Try to find more time in your life - Do it just for you - The people you love and care about will be rewarded with happiness, too - When the calendar is far too full - Keep the days from flying by - Remember your youth when time took forever - Rediscover that child inside - Spend part of every day just doing something you'd like to do - Today will never come again, and yesterday is through - The secret (if you'd like to know) to finding happiness - Is knowing that it's all around and that your life is blessed - By being in this moment and living a day at a time - You have access to every gift that will make your sunlight shine - Brighten your world with friendships and love and wishes on a star - Make the most of every day - And celebrate all that you are. -Douglas Pagels-

Keep Believing,

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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