Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Marathon - #52

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS! A special Happy Father's Day to my husband Roger, you raised 3 amazing and beautiful children. Nilka, RJ, & Tiffany!

Sleep is becoming a luxury. I drove all night from the Bay Area and I got an hour of sleep again. The Father's Day Marathon was run in beautiful Coto de Caza on well groomed horse trails. It was an honor to run with my idol Mr. Larry Macon. MM Dave completed his 105th lifetime marathon which took him 20 years and it only took Larry one year to complete 105 marathons. Congrats Dave!

Dave from Phoenix is running his first half marathon. Good luck Dave!

Slow Jim is not as slow as he thinks and Mr. Hayward is working on his 10th marathon of the year. What a blessing, Ed's father's day gift was to have Ethan & Andrea run a half marathon with him. I finished 7:09:50

This is my dad, Jimmy. Jimmy passed away 8 years ago. I feel Jimmy is with me on this journey. Growing up when I would get upset or stressed Jimmy would say...relax, relax!!!

Lord, someone I loved died today, and there's this great empty spot in my heart. I need you to fill it, to assure me that I will see my dad again in the Kingdom that you promised. Help me to shed honest tears, but also to remember all that was good between us. Help me to honor the memory of our relationship by sharing love with others even as love was shared with me. When God picks flowers, he picks the most precious and beautiful to bring home... Happy Father's Day Jimmy....I love you and miss you!

Keep Believing in your Dreams,

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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