Monday, June 14, 2010

Bear Lake Marathon Utah - Day 2 - #49

Bear Lake Utah day 2, I'm feeling good and the weather started off good too. At mile 13 it started to rain and continued until the last mile. The course was nice with miles of views of Bear Lake. Everyone seem to be having fun. Doubles aren't as hard as it may sound. I finished a few minutes under yesterdays time. 6:11:09

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TRUST IN YOURSELF I believe all of us have a built-in compass to help us get to wherever we desire to go. Don't get led astray. Ask your heart for the truth, and it will come up with the answer and the good judgement to make the decisions you'll need to make. Love everyone, and don't question love's reception. Do the best you can. Live each day as it comes. We can't get ahead of ourselves anyway. Remember: just as you have questions now, somewhere inside you, and down the road, there will be better answers and workable solutions. It takes patience and trust to get through life's changes when you're trying to reach goals, solve problems, and make dreams come true. Though at times it may seem more than you can handle whatever comes your way. Trust in yourself.

-Donna Fargo

Keep Believing!

Yolanda "Walking Diva"

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