Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 Inspiring People of the Year Kobi Oren

Family Man and World Class Multi-Day Ultra Runner 

On the second of August 2018 I finished the 3100 Mile Self Transcendence Race. It was an end of an Era for me . I trained and gained distances over 6 years to get ready for it . Through the years I changed my training practice to improve my recovery time and to make my body more durable for running long distance multi day races.I found out by reading and training many ultra runners that the conventional training methods are based on marathon wisdom of running and does not 'cut it' for ultra distances and multi day running. As I changed my ways of training I trained less time and more efficiently. What followed was- Since 2014 I won in a roll 8 International Multi days ulltras; A 6-day race in Greece, which I won by traversing 768 km A 6-day race in France, which I won by running 739 km A 10-day race in South Africa, in which I won and ran the inconceivable distance of 1113.9 km. 

I became the first Israeli in history to run such a distance and also took my place among the leading runners in the world for such events. In July 2015, I won another 6-day race held in Norway, and thus I maintained my eighth-place world standing in this event for that year. July 2016, I came in first, in a Ten-day Multi Day Race that took place in NYC, covering 755 Miles= 1215 km, breaking my personal record. This race placed me – first place in the world in 2016 for Ten-day races, and forth in the all-time world ranking on that year. The 10 days run in New York 2016 gave the way it to run the 3100 Mile Self Transcendence race. The race team told me to get ready by running a Multi day Ultra race on cement. So I did it on July 2017 I ran 1000 miles race on South Africa Cement lane. I won it in 15 days. I discovered that cement is a painful punishment for me. I had to strengthen my body and learn how to handle severe muscle pain and still keep on running. 

I landed at New York at the first week of June 2018 .the race started on the 17.6.18. I knew it was going to be hard. Only 21 runners ever finished this race in the 22 years it took place. I knew that only I and one other runner were 'newbies' to this race. The other had experience. We were 9 runners and one amazing ultra walker which I all ready meet 2 years ago in the 10 days race in New-York.I knew she will bring us good vibes. I will make my race story at this time short even though it is long.very long. The Self Transcendence 3100 miles is a race that takes you to other inner dimensions. This race is not just the longest foot race on earth . It is an experience by it's on and can not be compered to any other ultra marathon or multi day race. You need to be on the move each day .no matter what . To find resources from to fuel yourself- to run without any day break, while the heat is on, the rain continues or the humidity is close to 90% . The runners need to run (or walk) continuously around 96 km per day for 52 days if they want to stand the cut off point !!! 

During this race I had to move from my physical abilities and relay on my mental abilities. You can't be prepared for this kind of 'life time' of a race. And that without facing your longings for your family, not seeing all of them for two months!!! There is no surprise that the 'New York Times' names it "The Mount Everest of Ultra Running". Most of the race days I really suffered during the first hours of each day. I 'found out' about myself that I can enjoy the running movement only after I get the 'job done' of running 55 lap . 55 laps was not enough to do per day but when I did it I knew that I will have a good day. This different universe of a race got me in connect with an amazing 'band of brothers' - I am not just talking about my brothers and sisters for the race. I am talking about the races team people from all over the globe with the passion of enthusiasm

They are all enlisted to help you .they see this race as a symbol of the human fight against the inner and outer powers that influence a person to give they try to boost you energy and give you good spirit. They give you a kind word at a time of need.look at you with a good smile and lift your spirit up. My 3100 mile race took 46 days. I am the 42 runner to ever psyscally to finish it. 

But spiritually this race is not over it is a life within a life, I can think about times with in this race and feel my inner strength. I can be up lifted by remembering the feel of the breeze on the trees on our lane. Can see in my mind the sunrise of each day. Wait for the morning course to sing there songs. Enjoy the cold night air settling in . In each of my multi days races I left a small part of my soul at the race lane. At Jamaica Queens after the Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race my soul is still running.


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