Monday, December 17, 2018

2018 Inspiring People of the Year Priscilla and Rieko

Courage, Strength, Faith and Love

Yolanda, Thank You for the inspiration and motivation You give all of us. Rieko similarity has been My True Inspiration and Champion to Be My Authentic Self.

It is the Ultramarathon community of Friends have helped make Our Transition  as a Married Now Same Sex Couple and Priscilla’s Transformation so wonderful.
It has been through Running and Fitness together Rieko and I have grown deeply as a loving Couple and We always try to Run Races side by side whither its a 5K or 72 Hours. It’s infectious the inspiration and joy we get running together and spending time with our Dear Ultrarunning Friends.

I, Priscilla have been dealing with Serve Gender Dysphoria for My Entire life and have identified as Transgender. This Year after Running 100 Miles and Beyond in Full Firefighter Gear at the Jackpot Ultra and the Beyond Limits Ultra with Rieko by My side I truly knew anything is possible. 

It was these two very tough experiences gave me and Rieko the Strength to start paving the way for My eventual Transformation.
Unfortunately this was briefly sidetracked after a Hate Crime Occurred and I was Assaulted by another Firefighter on Duty for being Different.
This tested our resolve greatly. With Rieko’s love and motivation along with the Support of our Ultramarathon Friends we came out of it with more clarity than ever.

Since July Priscilla has been Transitioning to Her Authentic Self and Rieko has found even more motivation and joy in our life together. Running and Fitness has a whole new meaning as we truly see how non judgmental and supportive the Ultramarathon Community is.

During the tough times our Ultramarathon Friends Reaching out has made such a Wonderful Difference.

Thank You Yolanda for All of Your Love and Support.
-Priscilla and Rieko Lyell

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  1. What an awesome post and thanks you for sharing. I've had the please of meeting them both and one thing that comes to mind is " Mental Fortitude". Both are strong minded individuals that acquire success in what ever they desiree. Keep the good work hope to see you at B.L.U 2020. You guys rock! #Run2Improve #BeUrself