Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 Inspiring People of the Year Sandy Gage

Sandy has Run over 100 Marathons and on 7 Continents

I would never of thought after running the 100 yard dash in Catholic Elementary School or Cross Country in HS that I would find myself running so many marathons around the World. My husband and I were pretty busy raising four kids actively involved in Soccer, football, hockey and snowboarding!!! 

My Family 

Fast forward to 2009 and I ran into the IERC running club, yep running around my neighborhood in Chino Hills, I was invited to join and ran my first marathon San Diego Rock n Roll June 2009. I met so many awesome runners like yourself Yolanda that motivated and inspired me one mile at a time.   
 Great Wall of China Marathon

I started the 7 Continents and finished the goal in 2015 running Antarctica along with another goal of running the 6 World Majors which I completed running the Berlin marathon in September 2016. 

My 100th marathon was April 2018 with a 100 miler belt buckle which encouraged me to keep on going.

100 Mile Buckle

 I’m almost finished with running around the World again and I’ve finished 21 of the 50 States. I plan on completing the 50 States by early 2020 with no thoughts of slowing down. There’s a big World out there to see and I’m on an adventure to savor every mile I can. 

My fountains of youth to take me to the next generation of running with these cuties. Stay tuned for some future 1K and 5K kiddie runs.


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  1. This is so Great! You are an amazing athlete and I'm also blesed to call you a friend. You live your life is an example to all!