Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Inspiring People of the Year Ed (Fast Eddie) Rousseau!

 Running Strong at 78!

Ed Rousseau lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Ed began jogging at 40 to lose weight and gain health as a new recovering alcoholic. He renewed his Christian faith and worked on the 12 Step sobriety  program. His long training runs give him quiet time with God. His motto:"If I don't take care of my body, what am I going to live in?"
His first marathon was the first Twin Cities Marathon in 1982.  His fastest marathon was 2 Hours 57 Minutes  in 1984 at age 45. He's run 104 Marathons, some on snowshoes, and 111 Ultra marathons.
Ed's medalled in 32 of the USA National Championships in the Marathon, 100K, 100 Mile, 24 Hour, 48 Hour and 6-Day Races and Snowshoe events, 22 times a National Masters Champion.

He's set or  broken 17 US Ultra marathon Records from 100 Miles to 48 Hour and 6-Day Events and 5 World Records. His 110 Mile Total in the 2005 24 Hour Nat'ls, at age 66, was ranked the 7th best Overall USA Masters Runner Ultra Marathon Performance that year. His 336 mile total in a 6 day race at age 74 in 2014 was a U.S. and World Masters Division Record while also setting four other 70-74 Age World Records at 12, and 24 Hours, at 100K, and 100 Miles.

Additionally, he's won a bronze, 2 silver and a gold  medal in the Snowshoe 10K Race Nationals. In 2011, he placed 5th in his 70-74 Masters Division in the World Marathon Championships and with two USA Team Members, the Division World Team Gold Medal.

He's been the overall winner in the 5K, Marathon, 50K, and 100 Mile races.
Ed has 2 streaks going including all 36 of the Twin Cities Marathons and all 28 of the FANS 24 Hour Races. He was the first male runner to reach a FANS total of 2000 miles, averaging 100 miles a year over 20 years when at age 69 he finished in the top 10 overall with 99 miles in 2009.

He has been inducted into the Minnesota Running Legends and the Michigan Upper Peninsula Road Runners  Hall of Fame.

Ed speaks at running classes and groups, school classes, treatment centers, and correctional facilities.

Ed loves running and as a  78 year old, looks ahead to many more miles.

Ed is an Ambassador for Epsom-it Muscle Recovery Lotion check out Epsom website.


  1. Way to Go! Glad I got to share some of these miles with you.

  2. Awesome! You inspire me; but, still not enough to get me running!

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  4. love this man. Inspiring beyond! Brightens the day when he stops in for the morning paper and a chat. first time I saw him on his routine up in the woods, running up by PR...blown away.