Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Inspiring People of the Year Renae Cobley

Mindset Coach and Gorgeous!

So who exactly is Renae Cobley? I am a specialist mindset coach who trains and works with people of all ages to think, train and perform like champions. We all know what inspiration and motivation feels like. However too often we struggle to find it.  I energise and mobilize individuals and teams towards greatness. The times in your life when you are to be challenged and must endure change I am there. That must win at all costs attitude that exists in us all can seem so overwhelming at times. When the task is challenging, daunting and you need that “wing mate” that’s when people recruit me.
I am a leader whom plays the infinite contest, competing against self every day. I have assisted people with career changes, relationships, public speaking, international running meets, lifestyle shifts, body transformations, change management, world records, book publishing and much more. I am blessed and it is my role to utilise it for the greater good.
My typical clients include those chasing great feats: Entrepreneurs, business leaders, elite athletes, coaches and aspiring athletes.

Life is like running a race. To look back it takes energy away from you. Life is about what YOU can do. Give it everything you have for yourself. Remember always what is real, but is lasting is who you are and what you were meant to bring into this world.
I coach the science and art of achieving mental and physical excellence. I open up your mind to possibilities that are beyond anything you have ever imagined. Most people don’t realise the enormous potential they have within them. I give you the key. You do the rest. I don’t allow for anything less than striving to reach your dream. The person, who says it cannot be achieved. Must never interrupt the person doing it.
I run motivational, lifestyle, running and leadership programs. I also run my own coaching practice privately and online.

So what truly makes someone inspiring to others? Inspiration is something that we know cannot be forced, one can only foster. Who we are and how we communicate is so powerful to inspiring others.
There is something far greater than myself in this world – YOU and others! We are all here for a reason and to inspire. Life is about growth and change. No person in this world can survive alone. We all need each other. We all need a “Wing Mate” someone who has our back, someone we trust, someone we believe in, someone that has greatness, has love and who has a strong purpose and get the job done.

Deep within my heart as a young child I always wanted to be a person of inspiration. Just what if I could use my passions and talents to impact the world? I imagined the millions of lives I would impact and even the thought of impacting one life for the better excited me. I never aspired to want to just make a living. I wanted to make a difference. The life, the journey I was wishing to seek I knew would be a challenging and a hard road. As nothing worthwhile comes easy. The sense of emotion and energy that vibrates within when I can help another is so magical. The opportunity to visualize and see others grow, develop and achieve excites every living cell in my body. You become in life what you believe and how you choose to react.

To gain a greater understanding of my story, I would have to take you back to my humble beginnings. To where it all begun. The catch is you will only every find me in the moment and not far beyond that. This I will share, my life has not always been easy. I have had my fair share of suffering. I have also had the most monumental of times. A fire within has always burned bright to want to lead and serve others. I knew ridiculously early my purpose and my mission. I was lucky to be gifted as the socially outgoing woman I am with a brave heart. My desire to explore human behaviors, life and events - drove me to further uncover my moral compass and integrity.

I had the willingness and heart to do the extraordinary things, to be selfless. I had the creativity to try new and take the road less traveled. There where so many mountains that that I wanted to climb, afraid at first of reaching the top for the journey to end. I have since learnt that mountains will always appear and there will always be another to climb.

Life is about grabbing hold off opportunities and seizing the moment. The one thing I have sought long and hard for is happiness, gratitude and purposefully giving back more than I receive. That in itself creates the most phenomenal richness and wealth. There is a saying “your true passion should feel like breathing it’s that natural”. I get to do that every day.

Please feel free to read my qualifications and accreditation's below:
·         Bachelor of Nursing Degree
·         Associate Diploma in Social Science
·         NLP Certification
·         Life Coaching
·         Modern Hypnosis
·         Psych-Spiritual Clinical Hypnotherapy
·         Reiki Master
·         Accredited Athletics Coach, Athletics Australia NSW
·         Advanced Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Academy of Applied Hypnosis
·         Massage Therapy, National Institute of Health Sciences Australia
·         Statement of Attainment in Real Estate Practice
·         Shared Medical Appointments Facilitator, ALMA
·         Radio and TV – Contributor for interviews email: mentalphysicalcoach@gmail.com
·         Numerous CPD training each year for each discipline of training


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