Friday, December 23, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration and Motivation - Day 23 with Violeta Heisler

Dream Big
I like to say I am a dreamer, I like to dream big!
Although this has not always been the case, all thru my childhood I struggled with my weight. I was a chubby kid, because of it I was bullied and made fun of also because of the color of my skin. I was not confident and that's when I think my depression started to develop. I hated my self! Things only got worse when in my teens I was in a abusive relationship that lasted for years, it destroyed my confidence and self steam. I was in a deep hole where alcohol was a daily routine to bare with my life and feelings. 

One day I decided to end the abuse and vicious cycle and let go of the bad. Promise not to drink anymore and left my partner at the time.  Taking care of work and my two little girls was stressful, so I decided to make a change and I joined the YMCA. I was never a runner or athletic it was tough with my confidence issues but I went thru it. One night I had a dream, that I was running then flying! Till this day I will never forget the feeling of freedom I had. So I decided to step on the treadmill, first day was 15 min and I was out of breath! Then the next day 20 min and so on until I was running for an hour. Then the miles became more and more for that 1 hr of running, so one day I decided not to go in the gym and run in the streets, I ran like 8 miles and thought "this is awesome!" "I can do this, I can run a marathon" silly of me I registered for the LA Marathon. 2009 it was moved to May. So yes I had 1 month to run from 8 miles to 26. That month let me tell you, I was in pain! But I did it, I crossed that finish line at 5:15. I was sold I had found my place, that's where I knew I belonged!

I registered for my second marathon in Las Vegas that December of 2009 and PR at 4:34. Unfortunately coming back home we were in a car accident where we went off the cliff and rolled down landing upside down, thank God my girls were fine but I was left with concussions, abrasions and 7 broken bones in my spine. I could not walk not to say run. I fell into that hole again but this time I didn't let it get to me, with the help of my good friend Andres I recovered and ran my first half marathon with CAR racing at 2:25, a month later my second half with a 2:15. After 6 months of that horrible accident I ran my 3rd full marathon in San Francisco with 4:55.
Then in that moment I knew what my dream meant! 

Running has taken me to places I've never been, I have meet wonderful people along the way, built lasting friendships and it has made me stronger physically and mentally. I still deal with depression but I know all it takes for me to get better is to go out for a run, I ran 5 full marathons, 5 halves and 1 5k while pregnant with my little Mia and now I have a big dream of completing 100 marathons by march in my beloved city at the LA marathon.
So far I've run 92 full marathons and over 60 half marathons, and yes after all been thru I'm still here, 92 marathons after standing tall and strong! 
Follow your dreams, even if people tell you that you're just a dreamer! Reach for those dreams and the stars because you are the only one standing between you and those goals, and remember you are worthy and beautiful regardless of anyone's else's opinion!  I have wonderful friends and a very supportive husband, and I can run!! God is great!
Thank you for letting me share and I hope if I can help a soul I've done good!
-Violeta Heisler- 

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