Wednesday, December 7, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 7 with Alberto Perusset

Barefoot Runner, Swimmer, Skydiver & 28 years Vegan
This past weekend barefoot runner Alberto Perusset from Argentina has run 90 marathons barefoot and has 129 lifetime marathons.  Alberto's passion is running he runs an hour every day and on weekends, if he doesn’t have a marathon he does his long runs. Nutrition is very important to Alberto he’s been a vegan for 28 years.
Before running Alberto was a long distance swimmer and on the team of the very famous Olympian swimmer Daniel Carpio. They crossed the Rio de la Plata from Uruguay to Argentina in 19 hours non-stop covering 60 kilometers.  They also try to cross the English Channel from England to France but Carpio had to quit before the end, Carpio was 76 years old.
Alberto is a professional Scuba Driver he has worked in Argentina and the USA.  He worked many years on the beaches of South America as a lifeguard and a man of many athletic talents with a love for skydiving, as of today competed 230 jumps.
His real passion is running and he plans on running many more races.  Alberto is the founder and Race Director of the Malibu Marathon.

- Alberto Perusset-

Check the website for more information on the Malibu Marathon

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