Sunday, December 18, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration and Motivation - Day 18 with Melissa Thigpen

Don't EVER Give Up
Phil. 4:13....that is my all time favorite scripture and that is what carries me thru life.

I was diagnosed with a disease in 2008 called Sarcoidosis that attacks the organs and joints. So far it's attacked my eyes (I almost went blind in 2008 when Uveitis severely attacked both of my eyes), my lungs (the right side of my lung is not good), my joints (wrists and ankles and possibly the reasoning behind my double knee surgery), swollen and problematic painful lymph nodes throughout my chest and auxillary area and my heart (the left side).

I don't question God. I believe everything happens for a reason. 1) being to teach myself something or 2) to help others thru what I go through. Sometimes we don't understand the reason and sometimes we never find out what the reason is but....there is a reason! When I first found out in 2008 I was upset for a while then I learned to accept it. I don't pray against it. I pray Gods will be done. I've grown a lot thru this, that's for sure. I have had back surgery, double knee surgery, other surgeries, biopsies, etc...the list goes on. On top of that I have chronic asthma which doesn't help my lung disease to say the least.  I do what I can, when I can and with what I can.
I have been running now for 25 months. Running has changed my life. I run for relaxation. I run for my health. I run for my Grandson. I run for Adela thru a program called IRun4Michael. I run for our military. I run for those who can't. What makes it even more special is, many of my races, I run side by side with my husband. I love running with him. It's a true blessing. From the day I started running, I couldn't even run a quarter of a mile. Now I've gone as far as 50 miles. In 25 months I've done 2 ultras (1-50 miler, 1 50K), 5 marathons, 30 half marathons, 1-15K, 1-10k and 10 5K's.  I had major double knee surgery a little less than a year ago and from the day I was released to start back walking again after my recovery was underway I've been streaking. I am now at 320 streak days for walking and running and in these 320 days I have already run/walked over 2,500 miles.

Only a handful know my story. Now it's open to ALL of you! I don't hide it but I don't share it unless it comes up. I don't want sympathy or fake praises for stuff I do. I just want to keep living life with a smile as best I can. You all see a smile daily, and that's what I want, but that doesn't mean I'm not crying deep inside. I've learned to hold in a lot and manage well. It's been tough but I will continue smiling thru it all. Smiling is therapeutic for me. I run but it's sometimes slower or sometimes not as far. I do what I can with what I'm given. No complaints and no excuses.
Stay encouraged and don't EVER let something stop you from something you are passionate about.
Be Blessed and a Blessing
~ Melissa Thigpen-

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