Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mental Health Matters 21 Days of Inspiration and Motivation - Day 21 with RJ Holder

Follow Your Heart
RJ Holder (my son). Four years ago RJ graduated with two Masters Degrees in Business Communications at two different Universities at the same time. He worked in management for a large retail corporation a highly stressful fast pace career.

RJ was unhappy stress out and had no time for himself. Last year RJ packed up, moved out of state, and changed careers. He’s a Special Education Elementary School Teacher.

Find your passion, follow your heart, believe in yourself, take risks, help others and most of all be HAPPY!!!
- RJ Holder (my son)-


  1. Love this. Learning that there is so much more to life than making tons of money and stuck in a cheer you dislike. So proud of my cousin here for doing something he is passionate about, and is helping to make a difference in others lives!

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