Sunday, December 11, 2016

21 Days of Inspiration & Motivation - Day 11 with Brandye Smith

25 Years of Having Fun
My Marathon journey began 25 years ago. When my best friend ask me to run the LA  Marathon with her. I looked at her laughing, the only running I have ever did, was on the Tennis Court, she laughed and said you can walk it. I said okay, this is going to be interesting.  I started walking around the my neighborhood. I did The Earth Walk and Aids Walk, before I knew it I was picking up my bib at the LA Marathon Expo.
Race morning was interesting and exciting. With a hello from the famous "Ali" and the gun going off, with hundreds of runners, walkers and others I was off enjoying the sights and sounds . Eight and a half hours later I finished and had a Medal around my neck. I was so happy!  The next day I could hardly walk or sit, but what I had accomplished was a feeling I will never forget. I joined a run/walk club and love every minute. I was introduced to race walking and have been to several Race Walking Clinics.  Now that I have added strength training, I feel stronger and ready for more challenges.  

I will keep racing and staying fit. I Love my Marathon Life!!
-Brandye Smith-

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